6 Fertility Boosting Herbs That Can Help You Conceive Quicker

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Anytime a couple attempts to achieve a pregnancy, they will know to do the right things in order to increase the chances of it happening quickly. They will see their doctor, find out if they have to make any drastic health changes, and will learn about the fertility diet, they will sleep better, and learn how to manage their stress. However, there are also other things that they can do in order to increase their chances of conceiving. And, that is by learning about the fertility-boosting herbs to increase their chances of achieving a pregnancy sooner rather than later. Let’s go over these fertility-boosting herbs now:

Chaste berry Tree or Vitex – This is a popular fertility-enhancing herb because it is excellent for the pituitary gland and can help regulate hormones by increasing the luteal phase, reduces prolactin and it also increases progesterone levels. Many women who have tried this herb have had a lot of success alone from this one.

Red Clover – This is another very popular fertility-boosting herb as it not only helps regulate hormones but it has been known to restore fertility, and plenty of women who have taken this one have reported success. Additionally, it is rich in minerals and in vitamins so that is always a good thing as well to help nourish the reproductive system.

Alfalfa – Not only does this herb have plenty of important vitamins such as A, D, E and K, but it also has plenty of nourishing minerals that will only provide plenty of benefits to the reproductive system. This herb has several digestive enzymes to help increase the absorption of these important vitamins.

Maca – This herb is actually quite beneficial for both men and women because it has potent properties to increase male and female fertility. It has properties to help regulate hormones and nourish their reproductive systems. And, that is why this particular herb is quite popular as couples that are attempting to conceive will have Maca in their medicine cabinets for both to take since it is so powerful. However, at the same time, this herb is fantastic for boosting fertility, but once a pregnancy is confirmed, then it must be discontinued because it can potentially be harmful to the baby. This means the best thing to do is once ovulation happens, it is best to quit taking Maca just to be safe. Since the hormones will be regulated due to this herb, the woman does not have to worry about low progesterone levels just from discontinuing this herb. That is because everything would be in working order before that anyway thanks to the effects of Maca.

Red Raspberry Leaf – This fertility herb is one of the most popular ones because it is also safe to take during pregnancy. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that also has a high calcium content. Not to mention, it is a uterine tonic, and it can be taken in capsule or tea form. This is a delicious tea as well which is why the tea form of this herb is extremely popular.

Nettle Leaf – This is a great herb because it helps nourish the adrenal glands and it is safe to take during pregnancy as well. In fact, it has a lot of Vitamin K content which can help prevent bleeding, and it comes in tea or capsule form. It is great for the kidneys and can help reduce stress as well which is also important for boosting fertility. Due to this reason, this tea is good to drink before going to bed because it can help you get a good night’s rest which is important to get when you are trying to conceive as well. The stress-reducing properties can also increase fertility alone! However, be sure to check one thing. If you do decide to take herbal supplements to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you will need to check with a naturopath that is licensed. Not all herbs are safe to take during pregnancy, and even though the ones listed here are recommended to take to help increase fertility, you will want to check to find out if they are safe. Yes,  Nettle Leaf and Red Raspberry Leaf are safe to take during pregnancy, but Maca is not. And, you will still want to get that confirmed with a licensed naturopath. Additionally, do not take these fertility-boosting herbs if you are also on fertility drugs. You will also want to confirm this with your fertility specialist as well.

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