7 Subtle Signs Of Early Pregnancy

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Most people believe that the only signs of early pregnancy are nausea and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). However, those are not the only signs that you are carrying a new bundle of joy. There are other subtle signs that are may very well be pregnant. Let’s take a look at what those 7 signs are right now.

Fatigue – It is not a surprise that you will have a hard time getting up from the sofa when you are in your first trimester, as well as your last trimester for very different reasons. But your energy levels will be extremely low even before you are due for your period because the embryo has implanted at that point, and as a result, your body is working in overdrive. This is why you don’t have much energy at all and you are not just tired, you are fatigued in early pregnancy.

Having To Go Do #1 All The Time – You may think that having to go to the bathroom all the time during pregnancy only happens in the third trimester because the fetus is putting pressure on the bladder. However, in early pregnancy, you are also going to have to be doing #1 quite often because even though the embryo is too small to put any pressure on the bladder – your body is still going through many changes and the increase in hormones will also have an effect on your bladder.

Mood Swings – Whenever you are coming up to that time of the month, you are going to be having mood swings which means one moment you will be happy, and the next moment you will be angry, and then sadness will engulf you after. You could easily think that those mood swings are a result of PMS, but not necessarily. Pregnancy will cause your moods to go high and low quickly as well regardless of the stage. That means if you are having any of the above symptoms as well that have been mentioned already, then it is time to take a pregnancy test.

Cramping – Again, you may think that cramping is a sign that Aunt Flo is on the way. And, that usually is a sign of it being the case. But many times you will be cramping during pregnancy very early on as well. That is because the embryo is implanting itself to the uterine wall and that will cause cramping and discomfort. You may even spot a little which you could also mistake as an early period coming on. That type of bleeding is called implantation spotting. However, that is not always experienced.

Unable To Do #2 – You may be doing more of #1 but if you are not able to do #2, then that is a sign that you are pregnant. When you are approaching your period, you will be doing more of #1 and #2 because of the body naturally clearing itself out at the time of menstruation. However, the increase in hormones, particularly progesterone will slow the digestive system down and that is why constipation is very common in early pregnancy. The hormones are also the reason that many pregnant women experience nausea at first to some degree. Some have it worse than others. But constipation is quite common in early pregnancy due to this reason.

Dizziness – If you are feeling dizzy, especially after getting up from sitting down or laying down, then that again is due to the change in hormones due to pregnancy. The best way to handle that is to rise up very slowly so you don’t end up having terrible dizzy spells.

Lower Back Pain – You may think that it would not be normal to have lower back pain in early pregnancy. That is something that is associated with the third trimester but all of the changes happening in the body will contribute to lower back pain. If the pain does not let up and you have a confirmation that you are pregnant, then that needs to be addressed by a medical professional because it should settle itself in the second trimester at the latest. It will come back in the third trimester. Now you know what 7 signs to look for if you suspect you are pregnant. The only way to find out whether or not you are pregnant is by taking a home pregnancy test or by making an appointment with your doctor to have blood work done. Either way, best of luck if you are, or if you are attempting to conceive right now!

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