Stroller Reviews: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller – Meant to Fulfill both you and Your Baby’s Needs

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller is the best release in its category, covering most, if not all of the customers’ needs. Not too heavy, but weighing enough to ensure stability and easy manipulation, it is perfect for mothers who wish to take their babies out by themselves, due to the innovative easy-folding system.

Its capacity makes it an excellent choice for babies of all ages, from newborns to two or three-year-olds, assuming they still have the patience to stay in it. It gives the babies space and the comfort they need to enjoy every minute of the stroll and it gives the mothers the safety and the flexibility they need to enjoy their babies’ smiles and satisfaction.


Main Features of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT

  • With a new patented folding technology that allows a single-hand manipulation and easy-fold, the stroller is perfect for a mother-baby walk, requiring no extra help.
  • Made from a combination of water-proof materials, including nylon and polyester, the City Mini GT stroller is ready for walks on any weather, protecting the baby against sun, rain, or wind alike.
  • This Baby Jogger model has new safety features, like the canopy window and the all-terrain front wheel, with swivel for long distances and suspension for any type of surface.
  • The comfortable seat is padded and it can be reclined to a straight position with retractable weather cover, perfect for sleeping babies.
  • The sun canopy can be adjusted to different positions, being large enough to protect the baby in any position and any weather circumstances.
  • The handle has an adjustable height, making the stroller easy to push for everyone, from the older sisters or brothers to the mother and father.
  • It’s almost 33 inches height, and the 7 feet and a little over 21 inches length make the Baby Jogger City Mini Single convenient for every car’s trunk, weighing only 25.6 pounds.
  • The smoothness of the rides is ensured by the 8.5 inches tires, based on the forever-air technology.
  • The braking system is easy to use because of the handbrake mechanism located on the side of the stroller.
  • It is delivered mostly assembled, only the tires and the canopy requiring additional assembly.
  • Moreover, if ordered on or through affiliates, the shipping, and the eventual return is free, through the Super Saving Shipping promotional offer.

Main Advantages


  • The new City Mini GT stroller comes in five color combinations, namely black / shadow, blue, shadow/bamboo, shadow/green, and shadow/orange, remaining for each parent to choose the best color for his kid.
  • accepts returns over three months, free of any charges for most of the Baby items in their store.
  • The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller can be sent as a gift and wrapped correspondingly if the specification is made during checkout. The checkout is another useful feature, allowing the buyer to keep track of the package to know exactly when it is delivered.
  • The Baby Jogger stroller can handle both the city streets and the off-road alleys of some parks or the old country roads.
  • To ease the carrying process and to eliminate the space occupied by a separate baby car seat, the producer comes with an adapter that can be bought separately and used with this baby stroller.
  • Compared to other City models, this City Mini stroller comes with middle-class weight, great space, and maximum head height, being a representative piece in its category.
  • The front-wheel facilitates movement, reducing the problems experienced by most of the two front wheels strollers. Turns and ups and downs are easier with the one-wheel system CMGT has.
  • The Baby Jogger City Mini Single can be adjusted to meet the needs of the baby, from the flat position, useful when the baby sleeps during the stroll, to the 45 degrees reclining or the 90 degrees, perfect for older babies who like to admire the landscape, the cars and the people they go by.
  • The easy-fold technology comes handy for single babies or for parents who have to take the babies out without their partners, as one hand is enough to fold the stroller and put it in the car trunk, also considering the weight of little over 26 pounds.

Main Drawbacks

Although initially, I was a little worried about the fragility of the front wheel system, I relaxed after seeing that every part of this baby stroller is well designed and durable. Besides, I had the opportunity to see that the producer’s technical assistance department is very efficient and solves all complaints promptly.


Review of the City Mini GT Stroller

The feature that I appreciate the most in this jogger stroller is the all-terrain technology used by the manufacturer, reducing the problems other strollers have and not restricting the walking area because of the ground pushing difficulty.

The Mini GT is characterized by equilibrium in weight, height, capacity, and an advantageous price, these being some of the reasons why I always encourage parents to choose it, to the detriment of other more popular brands. The solid but lightweight structure is another point I want to underline in this review, mainly because, during the time I spent taking care of children, I learned to choose things that last.

All in all, I consider that this Baby Jogger stroller is worth every penny of its price due to the compact, largely open sun canopy, to its reclining possibility to a flat position when the baby is sleeping or needs a diaper change, to the adjustable handlebar and side handbrake system.


If you are looking for a light, compact stroller, suitable for all surfaces, from a normal day stroll in the park or around the neighborhood to a beach or mountain adventure, I strongly advise you to rely on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller as the best choice you could make.