Stroller Reviews: Baby Jogger 2012 City Select Single Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller– Greatest Choice for Big Families

Carrying your infant around can be quite a hassle. But when you have two or even three small babies, a trip to town together might turn into the greatest adventure. Baby Jogger had exactly your problem in mind when designing the Baby Jogger 2012 City Select Single Stroller. This stroller has been created to offer increased comfort to your baby and enough versatility in case the family becomes larger: this baby stroller can easily transform into a double stroller, the must-have of any family who has two babies and wants to take both of them shopping.

Whether you already have more than one baby who cannot stand or walk or you are planning to offer your child a little brother or sister, the Baby Jogger stroller is the thing you need. With this baby stroller, you can say you are well prepared to welcome a new member of the family, no matter when she or he chooses to appear.

Baby Jogger 2012 City Select Single Stroller


Baby Jogger City Select is indeed one of the most luxurious means of transporting babies because it offers as much as 16 seating arrangements so that your precious baby/babies can enjoy all the comfort in the world… or in a stroller. The seat can be adjusted depending on your baby’s mood, and can also recline flat in case someone becomes very sleepy. Your baby will feel like a celebrity in this multi-adjustable stroller.

The City Select stroller offers smooth rides, thanks to its wide wheels of different dimensions (12” in the back and 8” in the front), and the high-class suspension system. To make things even easier, the stroller includes a hand-operated brake for parking. Pushing, stopping, and redirecting this baby stroller are a piece of cake.

Furthermore, the Jogger stroller can be folded quickly and easily, so you can store it in your trunk (or wherever), whenever you are not using it. The City stroller includes a sun canopy with a window you can use to monitor sleeping babies, a big basket, and a 5 point harness for extra safety. The harness has a buckle cover and comfortable shoulder pads.

This City stroller is certainly one that offers an incredibly wide array of choices: besides choosing the seating positions and reclining angle, you can also choose the height of the handle and, the best of them all; this baby stroller can be transformed from single to double by simply attaching another seat. Just like that, you can have a double stroller to carry your babies around town in a convenient and stylish – not to mention affordable – way.


  • Versatility – no doubt, this is the word that perfectly characterizes this stroller. You can transform the City Select Stroller whatever way you want, depending on your and your babies’ needs and wishes.
  • Convenience – one or two babies will fit perfectly in this stroller and enjoy the ride. Forget about having two strollers or a big, bulky double stroller that does not fit tight store aisles. With the Baby Jogger stroller, you can carry both of your babies smoothly and easily, because the City stroller fits tight places without affecting the comfort of your babies.
  • Smooth ride – the wide wheels and the suspension system offer a great ride on any kind of surface.
  • Hand brake – this feature is of great help because it allows parents to stop the City Select stroller easily and park it. This type of brake is far more convenient than the standard foot brake most strollers include.
  • Compact fold – the stroller can be easily folded and stored. It does not take much space when folded.
  • Extensible handle – with this stroller, it doesn’t matter how tall daddy is or how short mom is because the height of the handles can be adjusted.
  • Huge basket – you will have no problems going to the grocery store with this stroller because you will be able to place everything you buy in the stroller’s basket.
  • Great canopy with a silent magnetic close window – the canopy provides a lot of shade, and you can always have a peek at your baby without waking him or her up thanks to the silent open and close system of the canopy window.


  • The double conversion kit is sold separately.
  • When transformed into a double, the baby stroller becomes a bit more difficult to maneuver. Considering you have to carry two babies in the same stroller, you can understand why.

My Personal Opinion of the Baby Jogger City Select 2012

Baby Jogger 2012 City Select

The thing I like most about the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is the fact that you can use it as a single or double stroller. I think this feature makes the City stroller a great deal because it can save a parent a lot of money when baby number two comes along. Attaching a second seat to the Baby Jogger stroller is certainly more affordable than buying a new double stroller or another single stroller; not to mention the convenience this transformation brings.

I also appreciate the compact fold, easy to use the hand brake, wide basket, and smart canopy with its peek-a-boo window. Although the Jogger stroller is a little heavy and difficult to push when carrying two babies, (I don’t have that much physical strength anymore), I honestly think that the Baby Jogger stroller is a very smart and affordable purchase for families who already have two babies or are planning to have another one soon.


The great comfort, multi-adjustable features, and useful accessories make the Baby Jogger City Select 2012 a fantastic single stroller for babies who love a relaxing ride. However, the thing that makes the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller a smart investment is its capacity to transform from single to double, just by attaching another seat. As simple as that, your two non-walkers will have the opportunity to explore the world together, while you will enjoy all the convenience of a double stroller.

Therefore, whether you already have two babies who need to see the world, you have another one on the way, or you are just planning to increase the number of family members soon, I recommend you to purchase the Baby Jogger 2012 City Select Single Stroller because it will certainly help you be in control of the situation!