How to Choose the Best Double Stroller

Parenting is harsh, and when you become responsible for the life of another human being, you would want to make sure that you are only using the best products for them. We do our best to keep a non-biased review on products that are relevant to moms and dads – and we do that by putting together products and comparing them side by side in terms of features, functions, price and other product highlights.

Why Should You Get A Double Stroller?

Parents who have or are expecting multiple children will find that double strollers are extremely useful when getting outside to run errands or stroll around the park. Looking after one child is already a huge undertaking but even more so if you have another. Double strollers are a perfect way for parents to strap and monitor two children into a single space – so everyone can enjoy the day.

Whether you have twins or ordinary siblings, double strollers with large sunshades, substantial storage bins, backseat reclines, and adjustable leg rests make strolls with small kids a much more comfortable and enjoyable activity to do with the family.

But the question now is how to choose the right double stroller for all your needs. With so many available in the market, choosing among the different styles, quality, price ranges and other product features is enough to give you a headache. Going through every section might help you provide a more unobstructed view of what type of double stroller to go.

Double Stroller Types

Double strollers come in two basic designs: side-by-side and in-line models. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but the decision on which one to go for ultimately depends on the type of experience you want the children to have.

  • Side by Side Double Strollers

Side-by-side double strollers are models which have seats that are placed next to each other. It is usually the most preferred type of product mostly because it offers the children the same experience for the entire ride. Side-by-side models have equal-sized seats and similar features such as recline, pockets and protection from the sun or the rain.

The only problem with these double stroller models is that they tend to be broad, thus making it very difficult to navigate through narrow halls and doorways. It will require a little more effort to get them through small areas and also tricky to store and lift them because of the broader folded package. Even so, a side-by-side double stroller is usually much more comfortable to navigate compared to the in-line models and will pretty much feel like you are using a complete version of a regular stroller.

  • In-Line Double Strollers

In-line double strollers are models in which one seat is located in front of the other. Such an arrangement creates very differently riding experiences for the passenger who may be a cause of conflict for the children. Depending on the brand, in-line models may have similar or different features. For some, seats can be found at same heights, but other models can have the rear seats higher than the lower places, or vice versa.

The main disadvantage of using in-line double strollers is that in most brands, the seats very rarely come with similar features. For example, some may not recline as far as the other and others may not even have certain features like snack trays or cup holders for the separate seat. As such, an in-line double stroller might be a much better choice for siblings that have a more significant age gap than for twins. A big plus though is that the style allows for easy navigation around narrow spaces compared to their side-by-side counterparts.

Concerns in Seating Situations

Another vital thing to consider with double strollers is their flexibility to accommodate specific items. For example, some models are not fit for carrying two infant carriers at the same time, so it may not be the perfect product to use for children of the same age. You can consider going for car seat frame strollers during the first few months, or you could always try to find one that works for all your needs right away. Households with children of different ages may find it much easier to look for the right type of double stroller style since there is no need to worry about getting every single feature the same for both seats.

Unfortunately, most strollers that do allow same-age features such as putting in two infant carriers at the same time (as if there were a lot to choose from) are not entirely reliable in terms of the other features. The only way parents can get around this is to buy two separate strollers, which is probably not an option for most, or let the kids come to a compromise and take turns in who gets to ride on which seat.

Where Do You Plan to Use Them?

Finding a double stroller that can go beyond merely carrying two kids from one destination to another is already a feat in itself. However, getting a model that can are great for use beyond a stroll around the neighbourhood park (think other outdoor activities like jogging, biking, hiking or even skiing) is a huge thumbs up.

Fortunately, there are quite a handful of double stroller models that allow outdoorsy parents to take their kids out and introduce them to their hobbies. Some models are great for exploring trails in the woods as well as those that work correctly even when going down a hill, riding a hike, or running on a steady pace.

How Long Do You Plan to Use Them?

If you plan to use double strollers on a much longer trip such as when you decide to go to the groceries or museums or even for longer, whole day trips outside. Sure bells and whistles such as huge sun shades, reclining seats, storage bins, food trays and cup holders are a very excellent and useful addition. These options make trips so much more comfortable for kids, and parents will find it convenient that they can stow away their kids’ items in the little pockets.

If you are one who will merely be taking your kids out around the block in a stroller, then you might not exactly need all these added features. There are plenty of options for more minimal rides at even lower prices.

How Often Will You Be Using Them?

You certainly do not want to be spending a vast amount of money on double strollers when you are not even planning on taking them out regularly. Occasional trips may not require more features than you think and specific options in terms of versatility might become of very little use to you.

Parents who go on regular trips outdoors with their kids might want double strollers packed with far better features. Sometimes, this could mean adding in a few options, such as the flexibility to be used in different types of terrains. Other functions might also be necessary for regular trips, but you have to remember that this can come with a price.

How much is Your Budget?

It would be a lie to think that budget is not a significant factor in choosing which double stroller to take your kids on, but it definitely can be a make or break thing. Cheaper price tags may not always mean lower quality, but it certainly means that many key features are being taken away. All that will be left in exceptionally cheaply priced double strollers is the ability to seat two kids while still providing ample coverage from the sun.

The more bells and whistles you want to be added in your double strollers, the higher its price can also go. Prices for models that are designed for more adventurous journeys can go up very quickly so you will have to make sure that it is one that you will use regularly – or you will be merely throwing away your money.

Price certainly is not the only factor to consider when choosing a double stroller, but it certainly is a huge factor. You have to remember that while you might be opting for a cheaper model upfront but if it does not function well or does not offer as much, it may be hard to resell the product in the future at even half its price.

In Conclusion

We hope that our more detailed guide on how to choose a double stroller has helped you. (Or gave you more things to consider, perhaps?) Just be ready to test out each model that you are eyeing for and see how comfortable you and your kids are when using them. Put both kids on, push it around the store and test it around for as long as you can. Choosing the perfect double stroller should be a compromise for both the rider and the parent pushing it.