Baby Stroller Reviews: Britax B-Ready Stroller

The Britax B-Ready Stroller is a safe and versatile stroller, with fourteen different configurations, detachable storage basket, adjustable handle, easy-to-fold design, and other useful features that you will surely appreciate. You can use it for your child starting from the age of six months up until he reaches 55 pounds, or it can be used since birth, provided that it is associated with the Chaperone Car Seat for infants.


What Are the Main Features of This Britax Baby Stroller?

  • It weighs 26 pounds, with a shipping weight of 36.3 pounds, and, dimension-wise, it is 40.8 X 26.5 X 45 inches.
  • Its integrated adapter for an infant car seat works with infant seats from Britax as well as with bassinets. If you acquire the infant car seat adapter seat from Britax is acquired, the item will be compatible with products from other carrier brands as well.
  • Wonderful versatility. It can be made to face forward or rear and it can also be converted to an in-line dual stroller that can accommodate infant and toddler car seat conditions, bassinets, and multiple seat configurations.
  • It presents an easily adjustable head pad, an extra-safe 5-point harness, and 4-point suspension, ensuring a smooth ride that will not shake the baby aggressively (as it can happen with other strollers when riding on bumpy roads).
  • Its storage basket is spacious and easy to reach from all the sides of this infant stroller.
  • Its large canopy includes a sun-visor and also a ventilation window, for the child to be comfortable no matter the weather conditions.
  • It is available in four colors: red, black, silver, and green.

What Will You Receive When You Make The Purchase?

These are the items that you will find in the box, apart from the Britax B Ready stroller itself:

  • The Click & Go car seat adapter
  • A cup holder for you
  • A rain cover to keep you ready for any kind of weather
  • An instruction guide, just like you’re used to receiving with any other product

So What Are The Advantages?

Britax B Ready double stroller

  • With its modular design, the Britax B Ready double stroller is ready to accommodate your child since infancy, along with a younger sibling later on. It can carry dual car seats if you have twins, or it can have you prepared for a growing family, as Britax double stroller can transport a bassinet plus a second seat so that a newborn baby and its older sibling are accommodated together.
  • It can be set in some 14 distinct configurations so that your changing needs are met. The optional accessories that are sold separately can ensure that all 14 can be covered. With a flexible calf rest and three positioning options for reclining, the stroller’s seat can be tilted back so that the infant rests comfortably when falling asleep during a nice walk. The handle height can also be adjusted.
  • It offers safety and comfort, which you definitely will require from a carrier to offer.
  • The sun visor featured by the canopy will keep harmful ultra-violets away from the infant.
  • The ventilation window included in the canopy ensures proper circulation.
  • It keeps you prepared for rain conditions, as a rain cover is included, one that will conveniently fit in the large storage basket.
  • The rear wheels can be locked and unlocked at once just with one foot pressed on the brake.
  • The storage basket under the seat can hold several items, and a detachable storage bag is included as well, along with insulated cup holders.
  • Great durability, ensured by the materials it is made from.
  • It is easy to clean so that you are kept safe from unnecessary headaches.
  • Two-year warranty.

Any Disadvantages?

If you want to safely walk a newborn in the stroller, you have to use the Britax Chaperone Car Seat, which is not included in the package, but which you can acquire separately. You then only need to use the Click & Go integrated infant car seat adapter, which is included in the box. If you intend to use a car seat provided by a different brand because you may already have one of such, you have the option to adapt it to the B Ready stroller. But you need to purchase the Britax Adapter Kit, not included in the package, which means an extra cost for you.

What Is My Opinion of This Britax Stroller?

I think that Britax B Ready is a very useful and qualitative stroller. From my past experiences with other strollers, I expected it to be more difficult overall to take the child for walks. However, handling this baby stroller is easy enough for me to enjoy the walk as much as the baby does! If it’s too sunny, he is safe, given the sun-visor, if it’s rainy, he is safe again, given the rain cover. The baby is comfortable in the stroller, and I am also happy pushing the Britax B Ready around because it is so easy to maneuver.

I have only one thing to say regarding the negative side: it is rather difficult for me to fold and unfold the carrier. I do not have that much physical strength, so I do need some help when folding the stroller. However, if you are a young and fit mom or dad, I do not think you will encounter this problem.

To Conclude…

Your kid needs to be taken out for fresh air, and carrying him in your arms is not something you can do every day. Since you need a baby stroller, why not use one that is versatile and comfortable to use, like the Britax B-Ready Stroller is? Be it sunny or rainy, you will manage, may you have two kids to stroll at once, you will manage, and may the little one be curious about what is around or may he feel like sleeping, this baby stroller will be able to accommodate his wishes beautifully. So get your hands on the Britax stroller and start enjoying relaxing walks and fresh air with your little one!