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What Is a Jogging Stroller?

Jogging strollers are in fact strollers created to help parents with their exercise outdoors and to support them in their attempt to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Before the appearance of the jogging stroller parents used normal 4-wheeled baby strollers whenever they went in the park or on the streets and felt like running. But there was a downside to this, because the adults had to make sure that the surface of the ground was flat and smooth, and, also,… Read More »

Safety Precautions to Be Observed When Jogging with Your Young Toddler Using a Jogging Stroller

When the jogging stroller appeared, it was hailed as a great advancement for those with kids and with an appetite for staying fit. Well, maybe that was an overstatement, but the general feeling was close by. However, since this is a stroller that goes faster than its traditional counterparts, the safety requirements are higher. Unfortunately, not every parent is aware of that fact, and, sometimes, accidents happen.… Read More »

Baby Stroller vs. Jogging Stroller

The interest that many people have in jogging strollers has been growing a lot lately. Moms all over the world are flocking excitedly with their little ones to try out these intriguing contraptions that look more like F1 cars than actual strollers. Why are jogging strollers so popular, though, and what makes them unique when compared to… Read More »