Fun Things to Do With the Baby Stroller

No doubt the general impression is that the baby stroller is just a necessity with only a year or two of usefulness. During that time, it only serves to frustrate you having to fold it so that it fits in the car, or manoeuvre it carefully in public transportation means, right?

Well, those are the inherent disadvantages to anything more substantial than a purse (even backpacks are sometimes cumbersome). But strollers can have fun uses too, as well as practical. Let’s see what this is all about.

Fun and Practical

When someone thought it would be great to combine jogging with walking their baby, someone else thought this would be an excellent business idea. That happened for two reasons:

  1. The baby gets some excitement in his otherwise dull day-to-day life. At his age, the speed you have when jogging is as high as a racing car’s.
  2. The parent doing the pushing may not enjoy the same amount of fun as the baby, but he or she will at least benefit of a smart way to stay fit.If you are the type who likes to stay in shape but also needs to take care of a child, you can surely discover joy and practicality in jogging strollers.

The Deceiver’s Mask

A stroller can be your best friend, whether you have a baby in it or not. You know how everyone steps aside and makes way to someone pushing a stroller, right? By now, you can already see the direction this is going. Put, you could say you get to cheat your way in long lines.

Doing it just for fun is mean, of course, but this can be a blessing for a tired mom who wants to finish her errands fast and get home to have some well-deserved rest.

Fun Things Both for You and the Baby

With a little imagination, a stroller can be used in plenty of ways to have fun. You be the judge of who gets to have the most fun, the parent or the baby.

  • Hang all kinds of toys from the front of the cradle so that the baby can have something to play with if he’s not interested in the surroundings when you’re taking him out for a walk. This can turn out to be fun for you as well, as watching a child exploring new toys and what he can do with them can bring a lot of laughs.
  • Mount speakers on the stroller, if it doesn’t already comes equipped with them. Then play fun, joyful songs for the child and se how he reacts to them, or play something you like and make your walks more enjoyable.
  • Go shopping and pamper yourself and the baby as well. You both deserve some excellent gifts after a stressful week. Being a parent does not mean you must automatically forget about the simple pleasures in life. Plus, you don’t have to carry whatever you buy in your hand, as you can place everything in the stroller’s storage basket.
  • Relaxation purposes. It is incredible how relieved one can feel after an hour or two of leisurely pushing the stroller when surrounded by nature. You will forget all about the daily troubles and have some quality time with your child. He will most probably love it too, or at least he will sleep silently in the stroller, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing walk.

Bottom Line

There can be so many other things to list here. Ultimately, your imagination and the child’s safety are the only things that can limit the fun uses of a stroller.

In any case, our point is that having to push a baby stroller around should not be seen as a chore; it can really be a lot of fun. It can be a lot of fun. So let your imagination run wild and start looking for more ways to make the most out of your stroller. Turn the necessary daily walks into something you are impatiently looking forward to, and, depending on your ideas, it can make your baby happy as well. And, after a fun day out with the stroller, both you and your child will be sleeping well.