What Makes A Good Baby Stroller An Excellent Investment For Your Young Toddler?

Many parents (especially first-time parents) are having trouble figuring out what type of baby stroller they buy or what features it should come with. Of course, the extendable handle and low price are attributes found among the first positions on the priority list of any parent. But that is far from having a complete understanding of strollers and the important role they play in the first phases of a baby’s life.

Is the Quality of the Baby Stroller That Important?

In a nutshell, yes. Think about it for a second: the baby will spend a good deal of time in a mobile cradle. He will come in contact with the outside world and you, as the parent, should have control over how deep that contact is.

The stroller’s design is crucial. Can the seat recline, and if so, how much? Can the child sleep well in it, if he wanted it? How are the baby’s back and head supported? Speaking of support, take a look at how well the seatbelts are holding him.

The storage capacity of a stroller is also important. Car keys, music player, drinks, and snacks don’t have to be carried on you all the time; just give all your baggage a shove into the dedicated compartment.

Stability and maneuverability are the other two points that mean a lot for the safety of your baby, as well as your safety. You wouldn’t want the stroller to suddenly fall over when a more sudden turn is attempted, would you? The same is valid when having to go through tight or crowded places; you must avoid bumping into people as much as possible.

As you could see, there are several aspects concerning strollers that directly address the safety and initial development of your baby, and some that deal with the parent’s comfort. While some corners can be cut in the latter case, in case of the former aspect you shouldn’t compromise.

So, How Do I Know Which Stroller Is Good Or Not?

So far, we have seen some of the things that parents should look at when buying strollers. Ok, but how do they know which characteristic is better than the other?

  • Buy the Age and Purpose-Appropriate Baby Stroller

For example, a jogging stroller is not recommended for kids under 6 months of age. Also, a travel system is pretty much a waste of money if you don’t have a car in the family; get a standard one instead. Also, when the little bugger begins to grow, make sure the stroller is still large enough for him to feel comfortable in it.

  • Weight

Heavier usually means sturdier, with more storage capacity, making the parents happier. The child also benefits (usually) from increased protection in case of impacts, bumps, and so on. A market check should be done to see if the extra weight actually has some meaning behind it, or it’s just a design flaw.

  • Accessories

The first thing that comes to mind is all those toys and other stuff hanging in front of the baby, but other, more useful items should be included as well. Sunscreen is a good example of that. Try to see how easy it is to mount it on the stroller, or if it works as intended. Babies heat up quickly in the summer, and a good sunscreen is mandatory.

  • Recline Angle

A good stroller will be able to recline entirely and stay like that with minimum swaying, or even better, none at all. Also, the seat should support the baby’s back and head adequately.

  • Ventilation

Make sure a stream of fresh air constantly makes its way to the baby. You probably already know why that is important.

  • Protection

A good, strong frame is made from aluminum, making it also light. But the seat belt is even more important. Generally, a 5-point seat belt is more secure than a 3-point one.

Bottom Line

A good baby stroller is not that hard to come by (there are several high-quality brands out there, meeting everything mentioned above). Yes, you may be thinking that it is not worth all that money seeing that the baby is constantly growing and will very soon not fit in it anymore. But these first years of his life are the ones that will mold his later evolution on a physical level, as well as a deeper, psychological level, so investing in a quality stroller is a wise thing to do.