What Is a Baby Stroller?

It is common knowledge that carrying and transporting babies and young children is no easy task, especially for parents who have more than three kids or even twins or triplets. Modern-day baby strollers are specially designed to help parents take a load off while keeping their little infants and toddlers comfortable and safe, whether on short trips to the mall or long travels by car.

Strollers are not a new invention, as many assumed. Various types of baby carriages and pushchairs have been around for more than 200 years, and some of them were surprisingly similar to some of the modern strollers available for sale today.

Baby Transport Throughout the Years

Perhaps the earliest baby stroller was a pram constructed by an English architect by the name of William Kent in 1733. This little feat of engineering, considered to be remarkable at the time, consisted simply of a shell-shaped basket on wheels that were used in a very similar way as parents use strollers today.

Throughout the 19th century, many bassinets, baby carriages, and prams were built, although most of them were custom made for wealthy aristocrats. While the dukes and duchesses were mainly living it up, benefitting from the ingenuity of these convenient inventions, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that prams and baby carriages were made available for all families. They started becoming safer, maneuverability features, been fitted brakes, larger wheels, and sturdy frames.

With the first aluminum frame stroller being designed in 1965 by an aeronautical engineer by the name of Owen Maclaren, an exciting new era began, and, over the next decades, manufacturers strived to perfect the construction process, providing safer, lightweight and modern baby strollers. They continued to be fitted with many accessories and features such as folding features, canopies, baskets, large, sturdy wheels, and even suspensions.

Modern Baby Strollers

While it is true that modern-day baby strollers have kept the basic principle behind Kent’s invention in the early 18th century, there is no exaggeration in saying that the difference is practically like that between a wooden carriage and the sports car.

Most modern strollers have of a sturdy, foldable frame, resistant wheels that provide optimal maneuverability even on difficult terrains, baskets, or foldable seats made of materials designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable and colorful, as well as water-resistant fabrics encasing the baby as if in a protective bubble.

Apart from being a simple means of transportation, baby stroller varieties offer:

  • Optimal safety and stability;
  • Light and precise maneuverability in busy urban areas, as well as on uneven countryside terrains;
  • Long term durability made possible by the frames which are in some cases made from specially manufactured aluminum alloys;
  • A safe way to secure them in place with braking technology that is easy to lock and unlock;
  • Keeping your baby comfortable whether he is awake or asleep by allowing you to turn the stroller into a small recliner, bassinet, or chair;
  • Making your child as comfortable as possible on long journeys with the help of storage baskets, trays, and various other accessories where you can store anything your baby might need;

When we look at their technical specs, even some of the most lightweight modern strollers can carry more than 50 pounds while weighing less than 10 pounds themselves. They also include features such as breathable mesh seats, multi-position reclining abilities, detachable storage baskets, and water-resistant hoods.

Some complex products like modern travel systems are also specially designed to be foldable and to adapt to all your needs. So you can safely and efficiently place your baby into your car seat, or use the device as a stroller or wheeled bassinet.


Whether you want an easy way to transport your baby over long distances, take him or her to the mall or stroll around the park on a sunny day, a baby stroller is the best choice you can make.

Of course, with so many options made available by modern technology, it is up to you to find the model that will suit your needs perfectly, and provide your child with everything he could require. Once you learn about all the different features that various types of strollers can afford, you will be able to make the right decision.